My trip to Bergen

Fisketoget (The Fish Market)

Located in the center of Bergen next to the Harbor, fishermen sell plenty of fresh fish and seafood, and you can even buy live fish. A very unique place.

St. Maria Church

A beautiful old church located in Bergen.


A view of Bergen looking down from the Church. Bergen is Norway's second largest city with about 250,000 inhabitants.

The Harbor

Bergen was once Norway's most important and largest city due to its harbor. Hundreds of years ago, Germans merchants used to do much trading from this city. <

Old Bergen

Little, colorful wooden houses line the harbor.


In behind the wooden houses is a complex with stairs, shops, and offices are made out of wood. Strict fire codes are in place here because this place has burnt down a few times before.

Gammal Bergen

This is the old part of Bergen. It was rebuilt many of times due to fires and the coastal changes.


Flat Fish


Eating Scallops

Me tasting my frist scallop raw in a traditional Norwegian sweater.


This is fountain I found on the South side of Bergen. I felt so European just walking around and try to find interesting things to look at.


An interesting sculpture I found while walking around.

The Top of Bergen

What a neat experience. I rode this trolly car to the top of one of the seven mountains that surround Bergen, The view was incredible. I met a young girl from China on the car, and we talk a little bit and took each other's picture,


One of my favoriate pastimes! My host brother and his friend took me fishing from the oceanshore. We fished from a lookout point that was used by the Germans during the Second World War.


We didn't have much luck until my father from the US called me on my cell phone. While trying to answer my cell phone, I reeled in the line very fast, and what do you know, I caught a fish and reeled it in as I talk with my father.

I was very glad to have caught a fish. We took it home, seasoned it, and cooked it!

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