Cabin in the Mountains


The cabin on the left is my host-family's cabin. The area where cabins are located is named Sætra. Almost every family in Norway has one of these cabins by the sea or in the mountains. These cabins are very rustic with a grass-cover roofs, and they often date back well over a 100 years. In the old days, young maids would milk cows and turn butter here each morning. Then they carry the milk and butter back down to the farms in the valley. The hike took me about 3 hours just to reach Sætra.


This is the view right from the doorway of my host-family's cabin. It is impressive, and the stream that flows down the mountain is the water source where we receive our drinking water.


The city is this picture is Stryn. I took this picture from the top of Sætra.

Trixi at Sætra

Trixi on top of Sætra. She loves to run up the mountain and rest here.


These are berries that grow among the cloubs, hence cloudberries. They are orangish-red and have a very unique taste. I read about these and wanted to try them when I came here. While hiking up to Sætra with Jan, we picked many cloudberries, and later we ate them cover with sugar and whipped cream. In Norwegain, they are called "multer."

Artic Cloudberries

More cloudberries!


These ruins are of an old Cow House that once stood at Sætra. In the old times, farmers would milk the cows in the first floor and sleep on the second floor.


Another view of Sætra.

Vikings and Mushrooms

This bright, red mushroom is very toxic; hence the vikings would boil it and drink the toxic water before a raid. The toxins would make the vikings "Go Beresk" and not stop fighting even if an arm or leg was cut off. Notice the little piece I ate off!! :)

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