Friends In Norway


Some friends, Stig Runne, Erik, and Řyvind, asked me if I wanted to go shooting some clay pigeons with them. I went along but wasn't a very good shot. I am not use to shooting clay pigeons. Had a nice time.

Olav Rune

This a really good friend, Olav Rune. We hung out quite a bit, and he showed me many neat places around Norway. In the picture, he is standing next to his his classic '83 Ford Capri, which he is very proud of. The background is white because we were driving inside of a cloud!! We were visiting the most western point in Norway, which happens to be a cliff above the coastline, when a cloud moved in and engulfed us. It was so unreal! The wind was blowing so hard that a tossed coin literary flew!

My Birthday

What a great day. My friend Olav Rune picked me up after hockey practice and took me home. It was a little unusual, but hey, what are friends for. I soon came to find out that Marita had planned a surprise birthday party for me. We didn't party or drink, but we did sit, talk and eat pizza. I was so taken away by nice and warm gesture. They even made me a birthday cake and a Gingerbread house.

Gingerbread house

The gingerbread house is a tradition in Norway that is made about four weeks before Christmas. Children don't touch it until Christmas has come, and then, they crush it and eat it. For me however, the thought of destroying and eating such a wonderful gift was to much. So, eventually, it went bad and I had to toss it out.

Cabin Trip

Another wonderful weekend. Marita, her friends and I hiked up a mountain to where a group of cabin stood. The cabins had no running water nor electricity. Notice the grass on the roof!

Having a Good Time

We made a spaghetti dinner using very primitive methods ( compared to American standards) and later sat around and play cards all night long.

Up in the Mountains

I must say, this "Norwegian Weekend" was one of my best memories.

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