Hiking up to a Glacier


This glacier is growing each year. Tourist can ride up to the glacier by horse and carriage.


Cabin such as this are used by Norwegian when traveling in the forest or in the mountains. Once used by young maids for sleeping while milking cows in the forest, but are now used for family gatherings and as a placed for rest.


Many waterfalls trickled down the sides of mountains, but some are very huge like this one.


Many beautiful and delicate flowers are found amoung the wet moss.


Glaciers can be very dangerous since ice may break off at any time.


I have never seen such beautiful in my life. This is the true blue of ice.


In Olden, a company bottles melted glacier water and sells it. The water tastes great and is over 1000 years old.

The Hike

This was another trip up to the glacier. Kari Ann and her boyfriend took Marita and I up to the glacier. Hiking up such a beautfil and peaceful piece of nature is something I will not soon forget. Here am I smiling for the camera. I was the last in the group, so I had to carry the ropes, and if the people before me should fall and slide down the glacier, it was my job to hold on to them...

The Team

Here is a neat photo of me looking up at everyone. Kari Ann's boyfriend is a tour guide on the glacier so we were safe the whole time. He actually grew up around the glacier and owes some of the land it rests on. The glaicer is blue because the ice is to dense that light is bent as it enters the ice ( almost the same reason why the sky is blue).

Slippery When Wet!

It was incredible how slippery the ice was. I took of the spiked-metal boot I was wearing to test the slipperiness of the glacier, and boy, was it slippery. I can see how people can be hurt or killed if the slip and fall into one the cracks that were everywhere.

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