Graduation Dinner

Martia & I

Marita and I are about to attend our Graduation Dinner. Don't we look good! This will be the last time the students from class will all see each other. We will eat a nice dinner at the local hotel, then dance and sit around and talk. Afterwards, we will go over to someone's house to relax.


In this picture, we are giving our teacher, Bernard Hole, a little present to remember us by.


The other class decided to sing a 'goodbye' song to their teacher. The song was very funny like most of the people in that class.


This the table I ate at with some of my friends. In the white shirt is Thomas, then Erik and Øyvind, and then Kristin Magnus and I.

The Girls

Here is some girls from my class.. Linda, Selma, "Tweedy", Eirin, Devi and Marie.

Say Cheese!

Some girls from the sports class. They are a cool bunch!

The Guys

Here are some of guys from my class - Andres, Audun, Pål Andres, Stig Rune, and Olav.

Marita's Friends

These girls are Marita's friends. I got to know them pretty well, and they were nice to get to know.


A picture of Ida, one of Marita's friends, and some people in the background.

Ost!! (Cheese in Norwegian!)

Line, Jorill, Ingeberg and Helge - They were all great to get to know.

The girls partying

They drink to much!

Sports class guys A photo of the guys from the sports class. The boy with his hand up is Jan Magne - he was a very friendly guy, for a Norwegian.

Aud Marit gets close!

Aud Marit and I get close to take a picture. She a cool girl to know, plus she trained a great deal with cross country skiing.

The Gang

Line, Thomas, Me and Geir Otter taking a picture!

Line & Thomas

Line and Thomas were really cool towards me, and we became pretty good friends.

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