Grisefesten (The Pig Party)

The Pig Party

Wow, what a crazy party. I was told at school that I come to school the next day dressed in really ugly clothes. So, Marita and I went on a search to find nasty and old clothes in the attic, which was fun in itself. We found our outfits and went to school! Everyone was dress in funny and wild clothes! Such a blast! Later that evening we all met at the bus station to catch the bus to the next valley over. That was where we were going to have our celebrations.


The ride over was crazy in itself. My classmates started to drink beer during the 40 minute ride (some started even at the bus station). And the bus driver didn't even seem to mind and neither did the elderly couple! Norwegians!


Once we arrived at the dance hall, we all sat down and just socialized for some time, slowy slipping at our drinks...(not!)


The students from the sports class purchased some "moonshine." Let's just say that they didn't last long this evening.

Tweedy & Oddny

These two girls are fun! They always make me luagh, and tonight was no exception.




A litte overview of how everything was set up. It was a pretty nice place and the event was well organized. We even had our own DJ..but I could even tell you what music had played because I was...


Some of my classmates are hurting now. Can you can Reidar in the back almost sleeping.. something he seems to well at parties.


Turn up the music!!! I think we dancing to Hey!!! Macarana.


In the basment, some people just sat and chilled out. Not everyone drank this evening, some were driving.

Say Cheese!

A picture of Helge (that's a guy's name), Briet, Britt Irene,???, and Jan Magne. Well, this evening was a fun one, even though people at school never talked about it. Most eveyone became sick the next day, even me. I stayed in bed the entire following day. Later my host family teasingly referred to this often!!! :P

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