My Home, the Sætre Farm

Heim Vår (Our Home)

This is where I live! The Sæetre farm has been running longer than the USA has been a nation!


This pictures show the view of our backyard.

Mitt Rom (My Room)

This is a picture of my room. I have everything I need; a desk, a bed, and closet, and bookself, and a dresser.

Fjøset (The Barn)

This is a picture of the barn. Currently, we have cows, pigs and a fresh litter of four, cute, little kittens.


Here is a photo from inside the barn. These cows are milked two times a day, and thus we receive fresh milk to drink every day!

Kjøtt (Meat)

This is a photo of meat that we prepared. First we cured (salted) it in salt for 6 weeks, then we dried it, and then smoked it. I laughed the first time I saw this, but once you taste the meat.....hummmmmm yummm!!! You can also see how we dry our clothes! :)

Stua (The Living Room)

This is a picture of the living room.

Stua (The Living Room)

This is another picture of the living room.

Front Yard

This picture just off to the right of my front yard. The land here is very beautiful and filled with many treasures. Now, many of the trees have turned yellow and red. Fall is in the air here. I hope to go hiking in the woods very soon.

Bus Stop

This is my bus stop for school. I ride my bike out here each morning to catch the bus with all of the kids around the area. Every age group rides the same bus, even the elderly. Therefore, I meet new people each time I ride the bus. On some cold mornings, the mountains are covered by thick fog, and I can't even see 30 feet in front of me.

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