Russetreff på Lillahamar (Russ meeting in Lillahamar

Strynerussen til Lillahamar

Wow, what a great weekend! Some of the RUSS ("seniors") from my school drove to Lillahamr, a nearby city, for a RUSS festival! It such a fun-filled weekend with great music! Here we are on the road with our famous red and blue cars vans!

Politi (The Cops!)

...Bad boys, Bad boys... whacha' gonna do, whacha' gonna do, when they come for you... Bad Boys!!! Well, we got pulled over by the cops! I was so scared that I was shaking, but all my friends didn't even seem to notice. My friends jumped out of the van, ran around and talked to the police. The police are very friendly here and just wanted to make sure that we were safe and had a driver who wasn't drinking and had a lience to drive. After he checked the driver out, he joked around with us, and then wished us on our way. Wow, Norwegians are really tolerant people!

Stavkirke (an old, wooden church)

My first Stavkirke! Norway are famous for these wooden churches that date back hundreds of years. I was able to take a photo of one as we passed it.


This is Øyvind, well his feet. His is a friend and a crazy one at that. Here is climbing over the seat to set in the front in order to sleep.

Thomas & Erik

Here is Thomas and Erik. I don't know what Erik is doing or why I took the picture, but whatever he was doing doing, it must have been really funny at the time.

Øyvind sleeping

This is what happens when you sleep in a carful of crazy guys - you get taped to you sleep. Øyvind has first hand experience of this.


Well, Øyvind woke up and found himself taped to the seat. It was very funny to see his try to move. When I think of Øyvind now, I think of this!


Yeah! we finally reach Lillahamar. We had to wait in a huge line of cars before we could get into the park, so Øyvind and walked around and went in. The first band to play was Briskeby. Only Norwegian Bands played here at the Russ Meeting, which was pretty cool.


All the 2001 RUSS in Lillahamar. He we are watching a stand-up comedian, he was pretty funny!

Many RUSS Cars

This is a picture showing how we lived for the weekend. Most people slept in thier cars, like us, and we grilled hot dags for lunch. There was also places to buy food and drink around, and places to shower.

Luxus Leverpostei

A really funny band with great lyrics! I need to buy their CD.

Our RUSS Car

Just the gang hangin out the RUSS car.


Here is very funny dude, Reidar. He is sleeping very early! I wonder why??!!!


Here are the rich kids from Oslo. They didn't own WV vans like us, they owned Buses with awesome stereos! About 5 of these buses made a cricle and mucis was blasted for people to dance. People were dancing the all the time late into the night!

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