Skituren til Voss (Ski trip to Voss)

Riding the Train

This is the start of a very nice weekend. All the exchange student from around Bergen were invited to have a ski weekend! We rode a train to Voss, where we stayed in a modern, wood cabin!


At Voss we had to wait for a bus to drive up to the cabin. We drank Hot Choco and talked.


We all hit the slopes. First time I have skiied on powder snow! From left to right: Me, Judith from Germany, and Natalie from New Zealand.


This is Igor from Russia. It was his frist time skiing, and I made him take the ski lift up to the top of the mountain. After a little trouble at first, he did quite well.

Voss Lake

The view from the slopes.


Here we are playing the snow outside of the cabin.


Igor and I are holding up Judith, boy was she heavy! :)

Our Cabin

The view from our cabin. Our cabin was next to a little farm. Farther into the valley were more farms! Our cabin had a shower, a hottub, a steamroom, and a full kitchen.


Here we are racing on sleds. I won every time!

The New Comer

Natalie was the new exchange student. She came after the New Year and couldn't speak much Norwegian. We taught her some useful phases that weekend. She was quick learner.

King of the World



We had many races, and as you can see... I'm in the lead!


We even had traditional dinner at the cabin. This is all eight of us.


Had to ski once more, Judith and I skied down from cabin to the bus! It was night out and just seem perfect!

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